Pesky Insect Bites? – Try this!!

All year round I am a victim of many annoying, itchy and ugly bites. I read about others suffering the same on a local Facebook page and Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray was recommended numerous times as an insect repellant.

I ordered a couple of bottles and put it to the test!

After using morning and night for over a week I can honestly say it worked for me. The one night I forgot to spray after my shower I did get bit when sat outside on our patio. I would definitely recommend you give this a try. It is inexpensive, a moisturiser and works as an insect repellent without the unpleasant odour. Here are some reviews from the Avon website:

Brilliant Product!……. I recently had Avon’s Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray recommended to me as I was going on holiday. I was initially wary of spraying an oil on myself but found it to be a good after sun, brilliant moisturiser, which so far to date has stopped me peeling, and saved me being bitten my mosquitoes when I am normally bitten alive! It really is good value for money and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Try, you won’t be disappointed and I can’t say that about many products.

Brilliant for my dry skin……. I bought this to repel mosquitos, which it did, I’m also at that age where I’m suffering from dry skin everywhere, and I found it difficult to apply moisturiser on hard to reach places like on my back?? This is perfect to spray all over my body. I would definitely buy this again.

Secret Mosquito Protection……… I am absolutely prone to mosquito bites and also allergic and when I read the good reviews on this I thought I’d give it a try! I’ve now been on 3 holidays abroad and used this on all the family. 2 holidays no bites – unheard of for me- and my exotic holiday only the very odd bite! So impressed with this. So much nicer than using other well known brands that contain horrible deet too. This left all our smelling nice and feeling soft.

Especially good on holiday!.……As a family we us this every evening if sitting anywhere likely to be ripe with mossies. It always on well, smells nice, keeps your skin soft and smooth plus helps repel mosquitoes – what more could you ask for?

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